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Every young man from your clan must prove himself worthy. To do so one must set forth on a quest and slay the voracious demon. You have waited for this your whole life. Now it is your time.

Short info

Voracious is a hack and slash action game that tells a story of lust and greed. It was inspired by classic fantasy action games (Golden Axe, Rastan) where hero fights hordes of enemies. In Voracious however, the story is more important than the thrill of simple combat. This is not a story about revenge or treasure hunting but a story about humanity’s worst traits – greed and lust for power. The art style goes further into simplicity than common retro pixel games. It uses ultra-simple black and white vector graphics.

Play to get

  • hordes of enemies
  • 1 level that is over 1 kilometer long, but you still have to go back so it's 2 km actually
  • 2 alternative endings 
  • original ambient soundtrack
  • normal and easy mode, quick saves and checkpoints 
  • pickable hearts, mushrooms and sword

How to play

  • Arrows / joystick - movement
  • Z / Joy0 - attack, successful hits hurt more
  • Space / Joy1 - jump
  • X / Joy3 - block
  • C / Joy2 - contemplate the story so far
  • F5 / F9 - quick save and load
  • F8 - load last checkpoint
  • U - cycle hero thickness
  • I - cycle anti-aliasing, only in high quality mode
  • F11 - toggle fullscreen

Due to very simple and high-contrast line graphics and also game being side-scroller you may experience flickering of moving vertical lines. If this is an inconvenience please turn off anti-aliasing by pressing I key or via main menu.

People involved

  • Michał Rostocki – idea, concept, coding and some art
  • Maria Rostocka – art
  • Mateusz Wiśniewski – story
  • Tryk - music

GDPR and Firewall warnings

I do not collect any data however as every Unity Personal Edition game it will try to collect and send some hardware information. Voracious includes menu option to opt-out from this collection nevertheless I noticed that game will try to contact Unity servers before one actually declines it. I suggest to block it on firewall and read Unity regulation on privacy.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Sep 06, 2018
GenreAction, Adventure
Made withBfxr, Unity
Tags2D, ambient, Atmospheric, Experimental, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, Vector
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


vor20191222b262.zip (revised 2019 version) 50 MB
vor20200122.dmg 56 MB

Install instructions

This is a standard Unity game. Unpack the ZIP and run EXE on PC or just mount the DMG on Mac. In case of antivirus alerts just follow your conscience.

Also available on

Development log


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amazing art style! I love how simple yet complicated it is. Absolutely beautiful.

thx. it was supposed to be a really simple style. but when I showed the prototype to my wife she said sth like "this is cool, but it will be better if I'll do the art". and so she did. 


I have recently downloaded the game, but now I'm stuck. I got the bad ending, where my clan didn't want me back, and now I don't have a single white line coming up from me, but I cannot beat the boss (I also got the sword from the stone). 

what do I have to do?

it's a great game, though, I love the story and the way you made it! 

The heavy sword stuck in stone deals larger damage so you should eventually beat the demon, especially if combined with the jumping attack. This combo does doubles damage added on top of the one from the stone sword.

If you still can't - try playing at the 'too easy' difficulty setting. If all this fails use quick saves.

Very glad you liked the story and game. Hope you will slay the beast.