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TOBAFCASS is a side shooter with unique visual style and characteristic electronic music. For both the story and visual style I took inspiration from "The thief of Bagdad" a 1924 classic silent adventure movie with Douglas Fairbanks. Game mechanics are of classic ultra-hard side shooter. In particular I was inspired by "Agony" a beautiful yet unforgiving Amiga game from the 90s. Finally most of the enemies come from "Kunstformen der natur" a book by Ernst Hackel full of litoghraphic illustrations of bizzare creatures perfectly organized with Prussian precision and devotion to symmetry.

I would like to thank two musicians who supplied their work
- square_wave / Ty Hodson (most of the music in game)
http://miniature-records.com - Minoo (only level 2 music)

How to play
Use arrows, and Z, X, C or 1, 2, 3 keys to move around and shoot.
I strongly recommend to play the stand alone versions as they can go fullscreen.



Kill Screen


thief.exe 44 MB
thiefHD.exe - this is a FullHD version of the game 67 MB
thiefHD.swf - swf with FullHD version 55 MB

Install instructions

The HD version requires FullHD resolution and better CPU. I that's too much hassle please try the normal version that has 960x360 resolution.